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Shoutouts Archive (22nd November 2020)

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22nd November 2020

Helen 21:04

They love bringing presents, don't they? This was a black one, so big that it was not hard to see it, although its eyes caught my attention. It's that time of year, for sure.

"B" 20:39

Good job my cat isn't there she was born in a barn & lived there for two months - she will catch anthing that moves & bring it as a present - even though she is tethered...

Neil 20:38

I think rodents are an inevtiable evil when food is readily available & the nights become colder!

Helen 20:20

Just saw a mouse scurrying for cover in the sheepfold.

Helen 19:27

Well, Neil, it is still coming down. Not terribly cold out but if it freezes it will be a mess. Right now it's just pretty.

Neil 18:10

"Snow is falling...." What you have just said reminds me of that Christmas song..not sure of any other details as I'm not good in remembering much about songs. It often also means that the snow may reach us in the U.K. in about 3 weeks time ...Brrr1 it feels almost cold enough now! I'm sure Dan & Family will make sure his Sheep will stay warm inside if they need to.

Helen 17:24

We have lovely wet snow falling in Toronto, and everyone is out trying to prepare for total lockdown. I did that Friday.

Helen 17:23

Ha ha, that would do it. "B". It is much brighter in daylight. but I see a few sheep now in the dark.ther

"B" 16:50

Hello, just realised that it looks foggy is because I do not get up in time to see the daylight there...

Neil 13:06

Hello Everyone, I hope you're enjoying a Good Sunday...

Ric 11:21


Ric 11:21


Cindy 08:23


Milly 06:04

Morning all

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