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Shoutouts Archive (19th November 2020)

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19th November 2020

Helen 17:02

I think the girls here are very bossy types. They were all anxious to get at the contents of the pail that's on the floor, and completely blocked Errol from getting near. By the time he got there, there was little left. I hope he doesn't get a complex.

Neil 13:10

Hi Helen, Yes, There seems to be a lot of "thinking about it" with occasional movement that one may miss if blinking! lol! Baaaa!

Helen 12:56

Hello, I'm late, and the sheep are just standing around, looking bored. "Is something supposed to happen?", they're thinking.

Neil 11:58

I see Erroll is trying to show interest in the feeding area!

Neil 11:56

Good Morning Everyone ... just made it before Non 4 a change!!! Enjoy your day All...

Ric 11:33

Good morning!

Cindy 09:05


Milly 07:53

Morning all

Helen 01:02

Someone is having a midnight snack. The others are dozing. Do sheep ever sleep through a night? I doubt it.

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