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Shoutouts Archive (18th November 2020)

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18th November 2020

Neil 14:29

Baaa! yes, I think you're right, or in the case of a Ram...Which Ewe shall I chase next?"

Helen 14:20

Neil, I think if a brain scan were done of a sheep, it would have two coded messages. "Where's the food?", and "Follow the leader."

Neil 14:19

At 140448, before i was called to the door, Errol was standing, apparently deep in thought, probably thinking, "Now who or which is my next best move!"

Helen 14:19

That could be, "B". It's not a flamenco, for sure.

Neil 14:03

Good Afternoon Everyone, Yes, Helen, & "B" you could be right about the "Sheep Dance"! i wonder if there have been any studies into the thoughts & workings of a Sheep's Brain! ..Baaa! could be very interesting! ...sorry, perhaps another sheepish remark!!!

Ric 11:23


Cindy 09:08


Milly 06:23

Morning all

"B" 04:13

Hello, Helen the dance could be a sheep version of "dans en dro" a Breton (Brittany) tune/dance.

Helen 01:25

What do you know? They are all asleep. Full of hay and dreaming sweet sheepy dreams.

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