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Shoutouts Archive (17th November 2020)

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17th November 2020

Helen 21:32

Oh, Neil, I just thought of something. Maybe the chasing around in circles is the sheep version of a 'pas de deux', their own sheepy version of a seductive ballet? Whatever works.

Helen 14:19

They may be more independent-minded than we know! Or maybe he has to give a lot of attention to one before she will accept him.

Neil 14:12

It might just be game or practice, or perhaps Errol reacts to a sniff of scent but the Ladies are either not really ready or don't want to be bothered! Hopefully DAN will enlighten us Pls Dan?

Helen 14:06

My goodness, they play hard to get. But I have to say he is a magnificent horned beast. I wonder if this is just a game they play.

Neil 13:59

I see Errol is havingg another try...round & round in circles we go!!! @ approx 1355

Neil 13:27

Sorry, Dan, can you translate, pls!

Dan 12:49

Those ronnies are pogged

Dan 12:49

Good afternoon already wow 10 to 1

Neil 12:33

Good Afternoon Folk, Erroll & Ladies... Enjoy a productive Day, All...

Ric 11:32

Morning all!

Helen 11:31

Good morning. Have a safe and happy day, everyone.

Cindy 08:54


Milly 07:42

Morning all

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