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Shoutouts Archive (16th November 2020)

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16th November 2020

Helen 23:14

If that's Errol I see sniffing the concrete wall, he's looking very disconsolate.

Helen 23:13

It's interesting to see their eyes gleaming in the dark. They are quite lively tonight.

Helen 23:13


Neil 16:20

Girls: "We'll show Ewe we're the Bosses here, Errol! ..perhaps that will stop us being chased so much when we don't feel ready for it!" baaa!

Helen 16:12

The girls have just shoved him out of the line. No more time in the feed bin.

Neil 16:07

Perhaps he's re-fueling ready for another attempt/s!

Helen 15:55

Errol is eating. Either he's given up, or the job is done. Or - maybe he's just hungry.

Helen 15:07

Or subtitles.

Neil 15:04

We shall have to ask Dan if he can provide us with a translation dictionary! Baaaaaa!

Helen 14:32

One of them just made a comment. I wasn't able to translate it.

Neil 13:24

Hi All.

Helen 13:07

They seem only interested in food.

Helen 10:56

Good morning, everyone. Happy Monday.

Ric 10:42

Morning all

Cindy 08:50


Milly 06:37


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