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Shoutouts Archive (15th November 2020)

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15th November 2020

Neil 20:20

She was probably thinking "Oh leave me alone Errol, I want a nice quiet Sunday Evening!"

Helen 19:15

Another just refused the attentions of Errol, who was simply trying to do a facetime sniff.

Neil 18:32

Approx 1135;is: "Baaaa! What are these Humans doing with us? What about our Social distancing? ....Baaaa!"

Helen 15:37

Ok, Neil, I checked back - that's hilarious. She's obviously the very reluctant lass.

Helen 15:35

Well I am slow to arrive, folks, but got caught up in something else. Hope you aren't getting too much rain where you are.

Neil 14:27

A bit of action around 0926! ... You are being chased Ewe!!!

Neil 13:34

Wishing You All a Happy Sunday, Tup & Ewes alike!

Ric 11:36

Yes! I'll know how to do it next time. Ha!

Lynda 11:34

those horns come in handy sometimes !

Lynda 11:33

just sorting out the different breeds so that they can go with the respective tups/rams today

Ric 11:31

Wow! Yes.

Lynda 11:30

plenty of sheep in shippon now

Ric 10:53

Good morning. No sheep.

Cindy 08:46


Milly 06:42


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