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Shoutouts Archive (14th November 2020)

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14th November 2020

Helen 22:15


Helen 22:14

They have lots to eat, so maybe they'd rather be dining than flirting. Or maybe they ahve to get used to be indoors. Not their usual environment.

Neil 20:59

Well. I suppose they deserve a star for "Effort" but all seems to have gone quiet again! Baaaa! ...Come on Ladies, He's still waiting & hoping to be a Dad!

Neil 20:50

Now, is there something a bit sheepish going on as soon as I wrote my previous comment I see a bit of chasing around 2 Ewes at the top end @ about 123659....!!!

Neil 20:45

Hello Folk & Ewes... I've just looked back Helen & I agree Tupi looks very down & disappointed ...... Come on Ewe Ladies, Sir is eagerly awaiting to serve His Honors to Ewe All... Why the delay...He is anxiously waiting.... .

Helen 12:24

I see the tup, but he's looking disappointed.

Helen 12:24

Hello, everyone. I get full marks for being late for morning, although the sun is just up here.

Ric 11:31

Morning all.

Cindy 08:54


Milly 07:15

Morning all

Helen 01:22

Not a creature is stirring.

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