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Shoutouts Archive (12th November 2020)

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12th November 2020

Helen 21:46

Much better. But wherever Errol is, he's off swashbuckling somewhere where we can't see him.

Helen 18:22

Ahhh - that's better.

Ric 17:16

Looks like someone cleaned the camera.

Helen 16:27

Whoops, gone again. I can clearly see the window but that's all.

Helen 15:44

Condensation happens, and it's something we shall just have to grin and bear - or something. I'm enjoying watching a little head-butting in the barn. Seems to be about pecking order at the hay trough.

Neil 13:06

& I'm even later Helen, so don't feel guilty...my excuse, computer troubles + preparing Christmas greetings...Enjoy Your Day Everyone

Dan 12:45

Condensation in the camera is making it foggy

Helen 12:26

I'm late today because it's cold and I didn't want to get up.

Ric 10:46


Cindy 08:51


Milly 06:42

Morning all

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