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Shoutouts Archive (11th November 2020)

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11th November 2020

Helen 23:06

There is a light left on for them, I think.

Ric 21:35

I think it's either a blinding light or condensation and light.

Helen 20:56

"B", it helps to have a little imagination.

Helen 20:55

Oh, so that's what happened. I thought maybe the sheep had pulled the plug.

"B" 20:27

Hello Helen - I like & concur with your observation...

Dan 19:47

Oh it doesn’t work very well at night without the light on

Helen 18:36

So the camera went down at 16.08.04, from no apparent cause, unless Errol pulled down the blind..

Helen 18:32

Looking back, I do see the tup. The girls don't seem too appreciative. But he does have magnificent horns.

Helen 17:39

Well, we appear to have been swallowed by a whale. I do hope not - whales are not common in the dales

Neil 16:27

Good Afternoon/Evening Folk..Oh! what have i been missing whilst Microsoft has told me to be updating my laptops???

Helen 14:03

I'm assuming I'm looking for a broad-shouldered sheep, not like the girls, who from above look broad across the beam.

Helen 14:02

Oh, dear - he's just trying to catch the eye of the ladies.

Dan 13:42

He does do stunts yes Helen, and not all of them are welcome!

Helen 12:31

Isn't great that you have had such a good season for hay!

Helen 12:30

Errol - is he a sort of Errol Flynn/Robin Hood character? Does he do stunts? Tell him his job is to get those girls in lamb, not to be showing off and doing tricks.

Helen 12:27

I can't spot him at the moment but once they begin to move around, I should be able to.

Dan 11:28

They are full to bursting on hay

Dan 11:28

can you spot the tup? he is on loan and his name is errol

Helen 11:00

"B" if you read back, Dan has brought the specialty sheep indoors. I guess that's their 'night light'.

Ric 11:00


Helen 10:59

Good morning. Now that's an interesting sight.

Cindy 08:53


Milly 07:01

Morning all

Milly 07:01

I think its inside the barn "B" .There are sheep in there.

"B" 03:44

What is the bright light in the picture? Been there for hours.

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