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Shoutouts Archive (10th November 2020)

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10th November 2020

Helen 20:54

Thanks for the update.

Dan 20:05

they are quite relaxed about the it att the moment but theeyll get moore space in the coominngg days

Helen 19:38

Very nice. How do they feel about being indoors?

Dan 19:31

introducing our north ronaldsay breeedding group....!

Helen 14:12

there was just a 'sheepie' comment on the rain - more of the same!.

Helen 14:03

Lots of sheep to be seen - just like old times!

Neil 12:34

Good Afternoon Folk & Sheep, Hopefully All Enjoying Your Day....

Ric 11:26


Helen 10:48

Good morning.

Cindy 08:49


Milly 07:42

Morning all

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