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Shoutouts Archive (8th November 2020)

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8th November 2020

Helen 16:04

And it's raining again!

Neil 13:34

Yes, Welcome Back Sheep, they've probably been enjoying a grazing holiday in another field! & as you say, with the Canadian, Helen, the London Remembrance Commemorations were also scaled down

Helen 13:20

So nice to see the sheep in the field.

Helen 13:20

I just saw a clip of the London Remembrance Sunday on BBC a few minutes ago.

Helen 13:19

Canada celebrates on the 11th, at 11.00 a.m. Celebrations will be scaled back, though.

Neil 13:13

Good Afternoon Folk, We Shall Remember Them......

Helen 12:13

I hear Rowan and some other children, I think.

Helen 11:58

Yes, it was probably fog last night - I looked at a badger cam in Essex and it was foggy.

Helen 11:57

Just in the nick of time. Good morning.

Ric 11:06


Cindy 08:52


Milly 06:59

Morning all

Milly 06:59

We've had fog here,maybe thats it

Ric 00:18

I think the camera is up but the view is obstructed, perhaps by condensation.

Helen 00:13

I wonder if the camera has gone down. I can't hear even open air, and can't see the lights in Earby.

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