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Shoutouts Archive (6th November 2020)

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6th November 2020

Ric 20:45

I can hear fireworks off in the distance.

Helen 18:43

There are still a few fireworks tonight. I thought i heard them and then saw some flashes.

Helen 18:42

Oh, I missed that. Too bad.

Ric 18:03

A little like yesterday's which turned entirely vermillion about 30 mins before dark.

Helen 17:09

Lovely sky this evening - looking at 16.57

Neil 12:33

Hi Folk, & I'm even later...jsut been supporting Lambwatch by buying a few items on E bay, again!!!...yes, spending more money!!!! Enjoy your day All...

Helen 12:27

I'm late again, but it looks as though you have a beautiful day and a few noisy crows.

Ric 11:33

Good morning!

Cindy 08:51


Milly 07:32

Morning all

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