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Shoutouts Archive (19th October 2020)

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19th October 2020

Helen 19:42

The colour of tonight's sunset is - wait for it - grey.

Helen 17:22

I see sheep. Two or three in view at the moment.

Helen 13:09

When night runs into morning, it's a hard day's work trying to cope.

Neil 12:43

I'm looking forward to reading the blog & comments when I'm not so tired after last night's late night this morning!!!

Neil 12:42

Thanks for your kind words Dan, It is a pleasure to make & send, but sorry I was mixed up with your names...Sack him!

Margaret 12:09

Good afternoon everyone - belated Happy Birthday to Sue and Happy Birthday to Howard. I

Milly 11:11

Happy birthday Howard x

Helen 10:41

And Good morning to all.

Helen 10:40

Oh, a very happy birthday to Howard. Blessings and good health.

Dan 10:30

I've just posted an update on the blog [link]

Dan 10:20

It was nice to receive it and you always put so much effort into them. They are always appreciated no matter what date they arrive

Dan 10:19

Bless you Neil thank you for your card.

Ric 10:13

Morning all and happy birthday to whoever's birthday it is!

Neil 09:54

Oooh dear, no not sheep this time.... sorry Howard & Dan was I mixed up yet again, Happy Birthday Howard...I hope oyu enjoy the card I addressed to Dan! ....can't leave me on a BIG JOB for sure!!!!...as i don't seem to manage the smaller ones !!!

Cindy 08:56


Debbie 08:43

Good morning

Milly 07:18

Happy belated birthday Sue !

Milly 07:17

Morning all

Mick 02:21

hi can you ples trun on all the cams

Helen 01:20

Maybe I'm brain dead but I thought Dan's birthday was on July 15th. But if there's cake and they're serving ice cream, then celebrate all the time.

Neil 00:25

It's just past Midnight B.S.T. I'm still up making Christmas cards, so I'll be an early bird in wishing Dan a Happy Birthday....21 again!..& Many thanks for the webcams too... Happy Birthday 2 U, Dan... I hope the Sheep & cam allows you to enjoy a reasonable day...

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