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Shoutouts Archive (17th October 2020)

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17th October 2020

Helen 18:59

Interesting sky right now,

Neil 17:48

Good to hear, Ric, let's hope it stays that way...We're thinking of You...

Ric 17:39

Thanks for the concern, Neil. Everything seems to be in order; today at least. Regards.

Helen 15:02

Probably. Someone has to stay home and kiss the kamera.

Neil 15:00

They were most likely the elected "Caretakers" for the Day!

Helen 13:30

Those must be the two who didn't want to go to the mall.

Neil 13:02

2 ofthe Sheep have just tried to let us know they are about by having a lick of the cam. ALso interesting to notice the leaf-drop on the field...a sure sign of Autumn....

Neil 12:31

"Caw"..that's something interesting to crow about, Helen! lol!

Helen 12:02

I hear the crows - but the sheep have gone out for the day, it seems. Social distancing at the mall?lt

Helen 11:47

Happy Saturday to all.

Neil 11:15

A quick & earlier Hello ALl, to let oyu know if interested "A Taste of Shetland" is being screened on the shetlandwebcam site until 3pm. BST & on their Facebook site.. live cookery demo's..hopefully they will be repeated but don't know yet Enjoy oyur day...

Ric 10:55

Good morning.

Cindy 08:47


Milly 07:50

Morning all

Helen 00:36

More lights visible tonight than previously - the leaves must be starting to fall, and more of the village shows up.

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