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Shoutouts Archive (15th October 2020)

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15th October 2020

Helen 23:47

The stream is going down again. We'll see what morning brings.

Helen 20:56

Oh, good news, Ric! I was afraid you had fallen victim to a deadly something or other.

Ric 20:54

Forgot to mention I would be out-of-pocket for 3 days. Thanks for the concern. I am back now. Evening to all.

Helen 20:47

Thanks for restoring the live stream, Dan.

Helen 20:46

Hints of colour in the sunset but a cloud bank blocked most of it.

Neil 13:31

Good Afternoon Everyone...including Ric...Hope you're ok, we're l concerned about you.....

Helen 12:58

And it looks as though we have an internet connection problem, as the cam is stuck at 7.58.

Helen 12:29

Hello, all. Ric seems to have disappeared. Hope he's OK.

Milly 11:38

Morning all

Cindy 08:47


Debbie 08:40

Good morning

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