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Shoutouts Archive (12th October 2020)

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12th October 2020

Helen 21:37

There's quite a lot of reflected light over Earby.

Helen 21:35

I'm back, I think, after about 20 attempts. Meanwhile my family is trying to have a Messenger conversation with me, so it's all a bit challenging. Yes, I've followed all the steps, "B", but I have some eye problems, and I miss things. Sorry about your CU account.

"B" 19:28

As it's a holiday there is nobody to answer the phone!

"B" 19:27

I'm currently locked out of my CU account...

"B" 19:23

Have you gone to the top of the page where it says account to check your profile & as a last resort log-out , wait; at least 30 seconds then log in. It sometimes helps to completly shut down the computer as it has a sneeky memory!

Birder 19:15

Dan is really being very patient with me as I try to change back to Helen, but I'm having no luck. (Sigh!)

Birder 19:12

Wow! The sky is really very striking in black and white mode.

Neil 18:17

lovely coloured sky after 6.00p.m..

Birder 14:11

Hello, all. I see you're having rain. I'm having a lazy day.

Neil 12:05

Good Afternoon All

Ric 09:54


Cindy 08:45


Debbie 08:34

Good morning

Milly 06:10

Morning all

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