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Shoutouts Archive (11th October 2020)

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11th October 2020

Birder 23:45

Gives new meaning to the phrase, "Going out in a blaze of glory".

Ric 23:05

I rewound and, yes, it was mesmerizing.

Birder 22:34

Quite an illuminating moment at 17.46.10, when the sun shone through that beautiful sycamore. The whole field was lit in the blaze.

Birder 16:13

That is such a clear picture - the lens has been scrubbed. But one of our friends will come along soon and give it a kiss. Your temperature is identical to ours today, and the cloudy skies, too.

Neil 13:32

Happy Sunday Birder & Everyone...& Sheep & Lambs too, of course...Baaa! Who could forget our 4 legged Friends...

Birder 12:42

Hello, all and Happy Sunday. Yes,"B", those are the lights of the village of Earby that you see to the left of the picture, at night. It's just behind the big sycamore tree to the left..

Ric 10:08

Happy Sunday!

Cindy 08:41


Milly 07:36

Morning all

"B" 05:13

There are usually about three lighs on the left side of the lamb watch image & somtimes more

"B" 05:00

On the night shot on the Shetland cam ,Ursa Major on a clear night is clearly visable [link]

Birder 01:05

It might jsut be me, but if the sky is clear, I think I am seeing some stars. Or maybe it's raindrops. Who knows?

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