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Shoutouts Archive (9th October 2020)

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9th October 2020

Neil 20:42

Many thanks again Dan, Much Appreciated, I bet you often wonder which cause you the most trouble, the lambs or the cams!!!

Helen 18:33

Oh, hurray - a picture. Thank you Dan. Nice sky, too.

Helen 16:10

I wish I could share our beautiful red trees with you today. The sun is shining, and the leaves in North Toronto are full of colour, including some deep reds. Worth going out to see them. Sadly, no pictures.,

Neil 13:20

Good Luck Helen & Family, Hope All goes well..

Helen 13:08

Thank you, Ric and Neil. I'm sure many families will discover the joys of virtual conversations and ways to reach out to each other. My family, a bit technologically challenged, will attempt something by Facebook on Sunday! Woohoo! Will let you know!

Neil 12:36

Good A'noon Everyone, Happy Thanksgiving Helen & Everyone celebrating as best you can in present circumstances, but hoping oyu all stay safe & well...

Ric 11:00

Happy Thanksgiving. What a shame it will be another muted celebration for most, for sure. This entire year seems to be ghostly/transient.

Helen 10:41

Good morning, all. Enjoy your day. Long weekend coming up for Canadians - Thanksgiving - but we are all supposed to stay home and hunker down.

Ric 10:14


Debbie 10:03

Good morning

Cindy 08:42


Milly 06:38

Morning all

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