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Shoutouts Archive (8th October 2020)

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8th October 2020

Helen 19:00

Yes, our 'visuals' are way down on his list of important things to attend to, although they use the cam to keep an eye on the sheep, too. I'm sure he will attend to it when he can.

Neil 16:58

Yes, sadly, I think you're right. Dan is doing well to keep it going as long as he can for us amidst his usual farming duties, Thanks Dan.

Helen 16:23

If it were coin-operated, it would be so easy to fix. I think the problem may be bigger, since it has been happening for a while.

Neil 12:28

Does anyone have any spare coins to put in the Meter, pls? lol! ..perhaps there may be some saved in the Lamb-Bank!

Cindy 12:17

Stream stuck at 09,00 and constantly trying to download

Helen 11:56

Good almost noon, folks. Have a great day.

Neil 11:39

Good Morning Folk...Enjoy your day ahead....

Ric 10:22

Stream is hung (at least for me)

Ric 10:22

Good morning

Debbie 09:01

Good morning

Cindy 08:47


Milly 07:47

Morning all

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