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Shoutouts Archive (5th October 2020)

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5th October 2020

Helen 22:49

Moving very fast, flashing lights that looks red but might have been yellow. As I said, my first impression was a fireball, but there is a road over there that runs across the top of the hill, so I knew it was a vehicle.

Neil 20:25

Thinking about it, Emergencytenders are usually equipped with a blue light, perhaps it was a road gritter if the temp is falling..just an idea!

Helen 20:16

That was my thought, too. Let's hope not.

Neil 19:51

Let's hope there is no-one is serious difficulty!

Helen 19:08

Bright light moving on the opposite hills. Looks like an emergency vehicle. (actually looks like a ball of fire.)

Neil 18:49

Oh well, perhaps they's had a pint or 2 of "Cow juice" to drink , followed by some hallucinations!

Helen 17:54

I thought the rocks were misnamed - doesn't look like a Cow and calf to me, but a Yorkshireman with a good imagination might think so, in the dark.

Neil 16:59

Your recommendation to Ric sounds very mooo...ving Helen!

Helen 16:52


Helen 16:52

I used to know all the words. A friend sent me a little book on it and I learned the words but thought it was a fairly macabre sort of song/poem. But I can say that I have set foot on Ilkley Moor and visited a lovely restaurant at the Rocks called "the Cow and Calf". Ric, I highly recommend it, if you get there.

Neil 16:20

Baaaa! Well done, I suppose I could have done that but busy with other projects! ...give us a song then!

Ric 16:12

OK. I googled it and am fully "versed" in the tune!

Neil 15:40

No, & I even struggled with that last bit...Baaa! t'at...I thought it was familiar somewhere but it didn't click when I was scripting! Do you? I wonder>

Helen 15:34

So, Neil, do you know all the words to "Ilkley Moor", or just the 'Baaaa t'at'?

Neil 14:40

There must be some tasty "Lamb liqueur" on that there lens! Baaaa t'at!

Helen 14:08

The camera has been well-licked, too. Just so we know they have been alive and well, even though they were out of sight for a bit.

Neil 11:56

Good Morning All, Many thanks Dan...All Enjoy your day...& Night with a cam view again...

Helen 11:38

Oh, wow, a picture! Thank you, Dan, and good morning all. Today promises to be brighter here.

Ric 09:51

Looks like there was an earlier undetected sheep slobber event.

Ric 09:49


Milly 09:35

Thanks Dan 😊

Cindy 08:49


Debbie 08:42

Good morning

Milly 06:08

Morning all!

Milly 06:07

We had sunshine and showers yesterday Helen.

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