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Shoutouts Archive (3rd October 2020)

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3rd October 2020

Neil 21:18

& to You too, thanks Helen. & Everyone...

Helen 20:28

Good Yule to you, when it comes around.

Neil 18:36

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ironically the Season on the Yorkshire farm programme coincides with the Season of my Greetings...!!!

Helen 18:32

Sounds good, Neil.

Neil 18:17

Mmmm! I'm sure they would,..I can...or i wish I could smell it all from here!!! ....Whilst continuing ot work on my Greetings..I've jsut started watchign a 2 hour programme on "The Yorkshire Farmer! on Channel 5...

Helen 18:13

I'm drying parsley in the oven - it smells lovely. Oregano is hanging up, and the dill is next. My farming ancestors would be pleased with my prep for winter.

Neil 13:58

Hello Helen & Everyone on this very wet English day. I saw your message an hour ago at 1.p.m., & yet another hour has wizzed by before I've managed to wish You all a Good Day...

Helen 12:01

Hello, all. Right on noon, I think, for you.

Ric 10:55


Cindy 08:44


Milly 07:45

Morning all

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