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Shoutouts Archive (29th September 2020)

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29th September 2020

Helen 21:16

I just heard an owl.

Helen 21:09

I just travelled quite a ways east of Toronto - the autumn colours are magnificent in some spots, especially in ravines and along the rivers. Other places just look drab and colourless.

Neil 12:39

Good Afternoon Folk...Enjoy your day & the lovely view..he says sheepishly as there are none to be seen at the mo! lol!

Helen 12:04

And right on cue, there's a sheep. I haven't a clue what her name is.

Helen 11:38

Good morning all! Thanks for the lovely view, Dan!

Ric 10:55

Good morning

Milly 09:43

Thanks Dan 😊

Cindy 08:43


Debbie 08:38

Good morning

Milly 06:13

Morning all

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