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Shoutouts Archive (28th September 2020)

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28th September 2020

Helen 20:21


Neil 19:11

Now that would be a very mooving sight among the Sheep!

Helen 19:10

Wouldn't we be surprised to hear a "Mooooo". Many years ago, the Procters kept cattle. I think maybe sheep are easier?

Neil 17:59

Hi Ric, Had you given any thought, I wonder, as to what bleating's you might make here, I wonder? Some could have some unforeseen ramifications ...Baaa!

Helen 16:28

"Clicked", sorry. Old fingers.

Helen 16:28

Ric, this bleat was before I had even got to the message board. Just slicked on the site. Unless Neil was on at the same time I was, I wouldn't have heard him. It's a great idea, though.

Neil 15:37

Baaaaaaa! Ric! ...Whose eyes are you trying to pull the wool over? Baaaaaaa!?

Ric 15:31

Helen, not sure if you knew this; when someone (like Neil) leaves a chat message, this site issues a loud bleat.

Helen 13:14

We can hear them - one just shouted at me.

Neil 13:08

Hi Folk, Have our mischievous Sheep been successfully busy again, I wonder? Enjoy your day...

Helen 12:03

OK, camera's down, I'm up, and have two loads of laundry doing. Have a great rest of the day, everyone..

Ric 10:08


Cindy 08:41


Debbie 08:34

Good morning

Milly 05:44

Morning all

Ric 00:46

Yeah, it's been hung for about 4 hours.

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