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Shoutouts Archive (25th September 2020)

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25th September 2020

Helen 18:33

There's the evening parade.

Neil 17:21

It sounds as though 1 of them read your mssge Helen & is having a go now!!!

Helen 17:01

No, Neil, they just pull the plug. Seriously, I think it's mostly licking and head-butting that goes on, with our cam.

Ric 16:32


Neil 16:13

I wonder if ...& when..the Sheep will learn the trick some cattle in the North of Shetland seem to already know..in chewing the cable of a newly installed webcam...twice, already. ...!!!..All very mooo...ving...

Helen 15:21

So we are, stuck, but the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the grass is green. A lovely scene, but not a sheep in sight.

Ric 15:16

Stuck again.

Neil 14:00

Hi Helen, Sorry to hear that Fbk have ignored you to the point of oyu having to close your a/c with them, I've echoed your feelings in a response to your mssge to them, I'll e/m you later. Best Wishes, Thinking of You,

Helen 13:37

Oh, that's better and lots of activity in the field.

Helen 12:57

We seem to be stuck?

Ric 12:51

The stream is hung back about 7 minutes.

Neil 12:19

Not quite but nearly, but not so nearly as Helen...make sense of that if you will...Good Afternoon All. My excuse is that I'm busy capturing all the wonderful sky colours from the shetlandwebcams.com.., much to Bleat about...& some of which you'll see in Facebook's "My Story" later if you are or which to become a Fbk Friend of mine....I'll look out for your request if not already a Friend..

Helen 12:06

Good morning, a few minutes late. Been checking out Facebook instead of checking out sheep.

Ric 10:33


Debbie 09:08

Good morning

Cindy 08:39


Milly 05:06

Morning all

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