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Shoutouts Archive (23rd September 2020)

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23rd September 2020

Neil 15:01

The possible "microphone" is in the top right corner, but now the raindrops & light direction has changed i agree it is difficult to see...They are crafty creatures who obviously know what they are up to!!! Baaa!

Helen 14:46

I don't know, Neil. All I see are the raindrops on the screen, and the furrows in the grass. Who knows what they are up to?.

Neil 13:24

Hi Helen. How's U t'day? Am I right in thinking the Sheep have tried to bring the microphone into view on the cam?

Helen 13:19

Hi, Neil.

Neil 12:15

Not quite made it again so Hello Folk & Sheep...

Helen 11:32

Good morning, and I was right last night, it is raining.

Ric 10:16

Good morning!

Cindy 08:43


Debbie 08:40

Good morning

Milly 06:42

Morning all

Milly 06:41

We've lost the good weather now,and going cooler Helen.

Helen 02:27

It might be raining. I think I see raindrops.

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