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Shoutouts Archive (21st September 2020)

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21st September 2020

Ric 21:09

Yes, pretty sunset!

Helen 19:57

Some of those sheep still have baby voices, but, being smaller, perhaps they have smaller vocal chords.

Helen 19:09

Take a look back at 18.48 for a peaceful sunset.

Neil 16:50

p.s. don't tell the sheep!...Baaaa!

Neil 16:48

Manythanks for the lens clean just now, Much Appreciated.

Helen 16:47

Thank you Dan. I see you. I can see clearly now, as the song says.

Neil 13:26

Yes, Helen, a very crafty sheepish move on their part!

Helen 12:37

It's as if they have hung a curtain over the window! Hello all.

Neil 12:16

'Afternoon Folk...I see the Sheep definitely do not want us to see them clearly!..Enjoy the "foggy" view" of them......Baaa!

Ric 10:17


Cindy 08:45


Debbie 08:35

Good morning

Milly 06:41

Morning all

Milly 06:40

Yes, something has to be done its getting out off control.

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