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Shoutouts Archive (20th September 2020)

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20th September 2020

Margaret 19:36

Thank you Milly. I've had a lovely day and my sister came to visit me before the restrictions come into force on Tuesday.

Helen 19:08

Oh, wow - look at that sunset.

Milly 18:37

Happy birthday Margaret,,hope you ve had a good day x

Helen 17:40

A very blurry sun - I think they've been at the camera again. It must taste good - or something.

Margaret 16:42

Thanks Neil for my birthday wishes

Neil 13:32

Whoops, I meant to add your name to our Good Wishes, Margaret.....Baa! Sheep!, you put me off!!! lol!

Neil 13:31

Hello Folk & Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday... Some of the sheep are running & bleating so no doubt they are also sending you their Good Wishes,

Margaret 13:09

Thank you Cindy and Helen. I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. I may not chat but still pop in every day xx

Helen 11:40

Good morning, and Happy Birthday to Margaret.

Ric 10:41

Good morning

Cindy 08:39


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