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Shoutouts Archive (19th September 2020)

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19th September 2020

Helen 19:34

Pretty but blurry look at the sunset.

Helen 15:43

It's a bit streaky for fog. I think it was well and truly licked.

"B" 15:37

It may be fog, as there is up in Shetland...

Neil 12:48

Good Afternoon Folk & Sheep, I can see Sheep are not keen on (us) seeing what they are up to ! ...Baaa! to that idea! Enjoy Saturday...

Helen 12:39

Oh, the sheep have been kissing us again. Good day to all. Happy Saturday.

Ric 10:49

Good morning. What a sheep spittle view!

Cindy 08:44


Milly 07:54

Morning all

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