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Shoutouts Archive (17th September 2020)

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17th September 2020

Helen 22:36

Yes, and Oregon and Washington State. It was in Toronto by Sunday/Monday, and then in Newfoundland Tuesday evening. Now in the UK and Europe but very high up, so it only affects sunrises and sunsets, although it does make the sunlight a bit eerie. It's gone from here now. We couldn't smell it but we could see it and had three days of grey skies.

Ric 21:00

Where is the smoke from? California?

Helen 20:59

Another gorgeous sky around 19.16. Smoky haze for sure.

Helen 12:33

Picture perfect day there but the sunlight has a slightly strange colour.

Neil 12:12

I've not quite made it in time for Noon, so Good Afternoon Folk... Enjoy your day...

Helen 10:53

That's interesting, Milly. Here, it just turned out skies grey and we missed both sunrises and sunsets.

Helen 10:52

Good morning all. Looks like a lovely day there.

Ric 10:38


Debbie 08:45

Good morning

Cindy 08:45


Milly 07:10

Morning all

Milly 07:10

Thats why we are getting very red sunsets.

Milly 07:08

I believe its already hear ,Helen .according to the weather forecaster.

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