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Shoutouts Archive (16th September 2020)

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16th September 2020

Helen 20:39

No sunset tonight. You'll see smoke in the skies very soon over there. It's on its way.

Helen 19:12

Still a great number of sheep in the field, but disappearing over to the right.

Helen 19:04

Right. I've got your back.

Ric 18:36

That would be helpful. Thanks!

Helen 18:01

OK, I'll pray. God is used to hearing all kinds of funny things from my lips, so I'll add your request.

Helen 18:01

Late spring is good - the lambs are a bit grown, things are not so busy, and it's beautiful weather, usually. I hope it works. I think I was there mid-May.

Ric 17:59

We'll try for late spring or early fall.

Ric 17:58

Yes, thanks, Helen. From YOUR lips to God's ears. Make it happen!

Helen 17:57

I hope you get to meet her, Ric. One of my favorite people.

Helen 17:56

Oh, well, they know Lynda but they do tend to shy away from people, especially the native breeds. Howard's sheep would be much more at home with her, I think, as they are a more classic farm cross breed.

Ric 17:54

Starting at around 17:32, Lynda is up and down the field stalking someone for a photo. At the end it appears the subject remained elusive.

Helen 17:54

Or they've been called, for some reason. I've been leaving the page open so that I could hear them.

Helen 17:53

There are probably treats on offer.

Helen 17:51

It's parade time.

Ric 17:32

Wow! Look at the sheep!

Helen 14:46

Oh, I forgot to check in - the day started off quite busy and I just remembered. Enjoy what's left of your day.

Neil 11:58

Good Morning All...just, Enjoy your day!

Ric 10:03


Debbie 08:58

Good morning

Cindy 08:46


Milly 08:10

Morning all

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