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Shoutouts Archive (15th September 2020)

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15th September 2020

Ric 23:05

Yeah, really pretty!

Helen 20:13

I checked back - nice bit of colour there.

Neil 19:15

Oh! look at that Sun setting around 1914....

Neil 17:30

Yes, I've seen how terrifying they are with so many poor Folk losing their homes, & some their lives, on various News broadcasts.

Helen 17:26

Well, Neil, thanks very much - we are not directly affected by the fires, which are terrible - and terrifying. They are several thousands of miles west of us, along the west coast and in the mountains..

Neil 16:48

I meant to add, We're Thinking of You...

Neil 16:47

Thanks Helen, Very sad, I do hope things will soon improve for oyu, but that you all will be able to cope until then.

Helen 16:19

Well, a bit of news from here - you would all have heard of the terrible forest fires along the west coast of the USA. The smoke from those fires is already over Toronto, more than 2,000 miles east, and we had no sunrise this morning, just grey, although we have weak sunshine now. It's too high up to be causing breathing problems, but it's here.

Neil 13:04

Yes, I 'spec't that would help, Helen!

Helen 12:51

Just met a sheep who seems to be wearing sunglasses. We need an ID gallery!

Helen 11:13

Good morning, good people. One of the sheep has decided to sit where I can see her. Not as bright and clear a day as yesterday there. Here, it's too early to tell.

Neil 11:12

Another Sunny Good Morning Folk & Sheep, ...Enjoy your day...

Ric 10:09


Debbie 08:34

Good morning

Cindy 08:33


Milly 06:03

Morning all

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