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Shoutouts Archive (9th September 2020)

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9th September 2020

Birder 21:39

that was a lovely sunset - I just scrolled back to 20.12.

Birder 21:38

Hi, "B", well, I used to go a lot. I'm no longer nimble, so I don't try "woodsy" birding, but I love them, and have subscribed to pages on birding from around Canada and also around Yorkshire. One can still learn new things from others' experiences and photos.

"B" 21:04

I am a "sort of"twitcher, used to go birding with a friend who was a proffesional.

Ric 19:52

It's no longer hung.

Birder 19:00

Marvellous sunset, I must say.

Birder 19:00

I have to click the arrow now, to make it appear and be live. Probably something here rather than on the site.

Ric 18:27

The stream is hung.

Birder 16:54

Oh, well, who knows? At least you know who it is!

Neil 16:19

Welcome Back Helen, even if only with a nom de plume if that's the right expression, Let's hope oyu can join us more permanently with your usual signatory, soon,

Birder 15:31

Well, hello, everyone. This is Helen, disguised. When my computer went down yesterday it refused to let me return to LW using my own name and previous log-in, so I'm back as what some of you folks call a 'twitcher', someone who watches birds for a hobby (as well as sheep.) If your mental image is that of a senior, sitting in an armchair and holding binoculars, you are probably right - I was watching a red-tailed hawk like that the other day. Anyway, it's all good.

Neil 14:22

Hi Dan & Folk, I've jsut had a mmsge from Helen via Facebook saying She is about but can't access the Lamb watch site following an update on her p.c.. Hoping you will be able to sort it for her, thanks, Dan

Neil 10:18

Good Morning All Folk, Sheep & Hens if about nowadays.. haven't seen them for awhile...Enjoy Your Day.....

Ric 10:13

Morning! Blustery, but pretty day there.

Ric 10:13

Morning! Blustery but pretty day there.

Cindy 08:48


Debbie 08:31

Good morning

Milly 06:55

Nice morning here !

Milly 06:53

Morning all

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