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Shoutouts Archive (2nd September 2020)

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2nd September 2020

Helen 22:35

Even looking at the night sky is wonderful - seeing the Yorkshire landscape is just wonderful in these days of living like hermits.

Helen 20:23

Mine is expanded - with a small screen I have the picture above and the chat below. Otherwise I cannot read the chat.

"B" 16:59

Thank you Ric, the HomeBlog etc is at the very bottom for me - guess I just didn:t scroll there but it's OK now. Thank you.

Ric 16:09

B, that is how the Home Page displays for me. Can you click on "Home" at the top?

"B" 16:00

How can I see Live Chat & the You Tube picture on the same page?

Helen 15:39

How green and lush that grass is.

Helen 15:39

Camera must be up and running = yay. thank you Dan.

Helen 15:38

Hi, Milly - how are you in the rain? Oh - I hear sheep.

Milly 15:26

Hi Helen

Milly 15:25

Thank you Dan 😊

Helen 15:25

Your rain sounds just like our rain.

Helen 11:56

Good morning all - just made it by the skin of my teeth.

Ric 11:11


Cindy 08:46


Debbie 08:38

Good morning

Milly 06:45

Morning all

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