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Shoutouts Archive (30th August 2020)

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30th August 2020

Helen 14:23

Ric, I didn't think you were complaining, either. I just know, from a conversation I had with someone in the Procter family a long time ago, that the Camera is at the bottom of their list of things that need to be attended to. There may be something serious happening on the farm, and they have just turned it off, or they are away.

Neil 13:41

No, Ric, I didn#t think for one minute you were complaining & I guess Helen didn't either, thanks for keeping us informed at times of day when we can't log in, & thanks again to Dan for all his perseverance. I have a feeling that some of the Sheep don't always his achievements with the cam ..probably as they think they are being viewed !!!

Ric 13:21

I'm not complaining, was just informing with a timestamp. It may or may not be needed.

Helen 13:20

Hello, all. Sorry about the cam, but I also know it's incidental to the much greater tasks of running the farm.

Neil 12:58

Hello Folk, Dan must be having a worrying time with all the wet weather & other webcam problems, amidst the usual Farming concerns, & we must applaud his perseverance when he is able to work on them for our pleasure, thanks Dan.

Ric 12:35

Morning. No stream right now.

Cindy 08:43


Milly 07:12

Morning all

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