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Shoutouts Archive (25th August 2020)

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25th August 2020

Helen 23:55

Oh, the Shipping Forecast, the one that Mrs. Bale relies on so completely in "As Time Goes By"!

Neil 21:29

I think Persistent precipitation is a phrase I've heard on the Shipping Forecast more than anywhere else.... visibility nil!

Helen 21:19

Whereas the Aussies just call it "the wet". You're in "the wet", or next week we'll be in the wet. The wet is either a place or a condition, but they know which is which.

Helen 21:17

We also do "intermittent rain".

Helen 21:17

That's called "Rain all day" here! We're not fancy. (Or 24-hours of rain.) Or maybe off-and-on showers.

Neil 20:51

Following your last comment Helen. I presume you've heard of "Persistent precipitation"!

Helen 18:41

I'm bemused by the weather prediction for "heavy intensity rain". We all describe weather differently. Here we have "Drizzle", "Showers", "Rain" and "Rain - Heavy at times". In common language we distinguish between pouring rain and pounding rain. And then there's always the descriptive "like cats and dogs".

Helen 17:07

That's good news. I often get the Mountain rescue news from Lochaber, as a couple of Cameron clansmen are involved with the rescue work.

Neil 15:54

Update to Shetland Rescue mentioned earlier, a 25 year old man was airl;ifted to hospital with serious but not life threatening injuries.

Neil 15:39

Hello Folk, It's sunny in Shetland! I'm a bit late in arriving here as I've been following a SARS Sea/Air rescue for someone reportedly in difficulty on a cliffside..no results known yet. I hope you're having a good day despite the weather, it has been wet in Stamford, now Sunny but very windy...

Helen 15:06

I see it's raining again. I can sure hear it as well as see it.

Helen 13:10

Hello all. I was up very earlier but forgot to check the computer. Just sat outside and enjoyed a cool breeze - the first one in days. enjoy what's left of your day.

Ric 10:12

Good morning all.

Cindy 08:50


Debbie 08:46

Good morning

Milly 04:28

Morning all

Milly 04:27

Thanks Dan

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