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Shoutouts Archive (24th August 2020)

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24th August 2020

Helen 20:17

So it was dawn the last time I looked, a little while ago, and now it is past sunset. Thanks for fixing the cam, Dan.

Gradon 16:08

Sorry to hear and Farewell to Jacob who arrived as a family group of 3 in December 2015 along with Flame and Daughter Jasmine, I am sure your stay at Marlfield was a happy one!

Helen 15:57

I guess these rare species of sheep are a bit more delicate and less resistant to infection, away from their natural environments, than the usual sheep we see in the fields. RIP Jacob. You had a few adventures at Marlfield, and a happy life. You will be missed.

Neil 13:40

Hello All, on this very sad day for Jacob & You All, May Jacob now rest in peace & free of pain & distress. My thoughts are with you all.

Milly 13:33

Beautiful day today, But tomorrow a big storm !!

Milly 13:32

So sorry about Jacob😢

Helen 11:25

Stream is stuck but the scene of early morning is lovely.

Helen 11:25

Sorry about Jacob. He was one of your first I think. That's quite sad.

Ric 10:19

Oh! Sorry to hear that Dan.

Dan 10:19

Today we say goodbye to our wonderful old Boreray boy, Jacob. He is being put to sleep after a short illness. I’ll put more info later.

Ric 10:08

Stream is hung.

Ric 10:07

Good morning.

Cindy 08:48


Debbie 08:43

Good morning

Milly 05:50

Morning all

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