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Shoutouts Archive (22nd August 2020)

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22nd August 2020

Gradon 23:26

Hi Helen,It was very much a sun with showers day today as if autumn or fall has arrived early,another storm due Tuesday!

Helen 18:39

Hi, Gradon. Welcome back. Clearly, it is raining a the farm.

Gradon 15:32

Good Afternoon fellow Lamb watchers,Sorry but it has been a long time no see here for me! Ido hope everyone is well!

Helen 12:23

Grey and possible rain here in Toronto but we need the rain. Enjoy the rest of your day, everyone.

Ric 12:11

You as well!

Neil 12:10

Oh well. much the same! Enjoy your day!

Ric 12:09

Scattered showers in north central florida this afternoon, which is the norm for summer.

Neil 12:07

Good just After noon Folk, it's SUnshine & showers here in Stamford, too, Ric, How's U & your weather?

Ric 11:43

Starting to rain

Ric 10:53

Good morning.

Cindy 08:42


Milly 05:54

Morning all

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