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Shoutouts Archive (19th August 2020)

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19th August 2020

Helen 17:39

I hear the rain now - and drops on the screen.

Helen 12:25

How nice to see her after all this time.

Helen 12:24

Oh, there's Lynda.

Helen 12:24

Good day, all. Or as the Aussies say "g'dye". There's a little sheepy conversation going on - I can hear them.

Ric 10:36

Good morning.

Cindy 08:45


Milly 08:38

Morning all

Debbie 08:37

Good morning

"B" 05:28

Seems to be foggy - unless my eyes are really bad...

Helen 05:22

And here's a solitary sheep, listening to the owl.

Helen 05:20

That is lovely to hear.

Helen 05:20

The owl is out and about.

Helen 00:37

Going down to 13c tonight with winds from the north. Back up to 30c on Saturday. I guess we're not done with summer.

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