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Shoutouts Archive (17th August 2020)

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17th August 2020

Neil 21:37

Oh! the cam has just been given a Goodnight lick!

Neil 21:32

Beautiful Sunset, I agree, Helen,especillay when the lambs show themselves in the field below, but I shall have to retire now..Sweet Dreams All when your time arrives to do the same....

Helen 21:14

We had a loud clap of thunder but nothing else. Now I am looking at LW's beautiful sky.

Neil 17:40

The thunder seems to have disappeared now, but rain now falling, Let's hope it clears last week's heat & humidity wherever it lurks around.

Helen 17:30

We are expecting the same, Neil. However, forecasts here in Toronto are often off by a couple of miles, so I'm not expecting anything except clouds.

Neil 17:16

A Very Belated "Good Morning" Folk, my p,c,decided it wanted extra time to sort itself out, hope you are all ok, & having a good day, we have a thunderstorm approaching so I hope power doesn't go off.

Helen 17:03

I see blue sky and sunshine. They've been kissing the lens, again.

Helen 11:50

Good morning, all. The sun is just up, here.

Ric 10:39

Good morning!

Debbie 09:57

Good morning

Cindy 08:42


Milly 07:35

Morning all

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