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Shoutouts Archive (16th August 2020)

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16th August 2020

Helen 22:50

We're waiting for one in Toronto but it's taking its time to get here.

Neil 18:25

We've jsut had a thunderstorm over Stamford in the last hour, hopefully it will help to clear some of the humidity.

Helen 17:18

We're getting the same kind of weather as yours. Wet and gray.

Neil 12:12

Good A'noon All, You beat me to it t'day Helen, Hopefully no one seriously hurt where the FireTrucks were off to,. I was a little delayed as I'm watching a Police Van in arriving in the market Cross area of Lerwick, Shetland,, As yet, 2 Officers have walked away from their Van in different directions! Otherwise the area is looking very still & quiet. Enjoy your day All...

Helen 12:00

Here by the skin of my teeth because the firetrucks just roared past my door. Good morning all and enjoy what's left of your Sunday.

Ric 10:59

Mornin all.

Cindy 08:30


Milly 07:18

Much cooler now ,in fact ,cold at times.

Milly 07:16

Morning all

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