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Shoutouts Archive (14th August 2020)

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14th August 2020

Helen 21:39

Lovely sky. And I know that sheep gather in flocks but this crowd looks like a mob.

Ric 21:18

Yes, I've been seeing that as well.

Neil 21:18

Potential Warning to Lambcam Viewers: It may be pure good fortune if the cam is still operational in an aligned positon by morning as several attempts have recently been made to inspect & possibly dislodge the cam! .. but stuill a beautiful post Sunset sky can be seen around @2054

Helen 16:53

Now to gather it in.

Helen 16:44

Oh, the answer is yes!

Helen 16:42

Have they just cut this field? I must scroll back and check. It was looking lush.

Ric 16:29

Cutting hay now.

Neil 13:15

Hello Everyone, Many thanks Dan for the restoration once again, I bet you'll be pleased when the thunderstorms stop playing havoc!

Helen 12:06

Hello all - it looks like a lovely day. Thanks for the camera, Dan.

Ric 11:20


Milly 11:19

Pics back ,thank you Dan 😊

Ric 10:52

Good morning.

Milly 09:12

Morning all

Debbie 08:40

Good morning

Cindy 08:29


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