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Shoutouts Archive (13th August 2020)

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13th August 2020

Helen 16:55

Oh, that is good to hear. I heard from a friend down south that it was still terribly hot south of London. Perhaps that has changed today. I hope so, for everyone's sake.

Milly 16:41

Yes Helen ,much fresher !

Helen 14:54

Hello, all. I hope your weather is a bit cooler.

Neil 14:36

Hello Everyone,

Ric 10:52

Good morning.

Cindy 08:49


Debbie 08:41

Good morning

Helen 08:32

Stream down completely. Good morning, all.

Milly 08:24

Morning all

Milly 08:24

It wasn't much of a storm.

Helen 00:53

Still stuck. that's it for tonight.

Helen 00:17

It's now at 23.37 but is intermittent and sputtering. It may go down completely overnight. If there's a storm in the area, that would do it, and Milly has just commented that there is another one brewing.

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