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Shoutouts Archive (11th August 2020)

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11th August 2020

Milly 21:54

It's bedtime for me .night everyone .

Milly 21:53


"B" 21:53

Perhaps someone doing a late check...

Milly 21:52

Hi "B"

"B" 21:51

There's a disturbed hen...

"B" 21:50

Was wondering that myself

Milly 21:49

I wonder why the sheep are all shouting ??

Milly 21:48

Im so glad i slept through it Helen ,I don't like them at all !

"B" 21:33

Yes,very pretty sky..

Helen 20:22

Nice sky now.

Helen 15:45

Then, Milly, be grateful you are a good sleeper, because it went on for a long time, at least two hours, and I could see the flashes in the sky well after 2.00 a.m.

Milly 14:24

I am west of the farm.

Milly 14:23

My nieghbour s heard it Helen they said it woke them up ,

Helen 13:05

Milly, the storm was a long ways west of you, I think, so you might not have heard a thing. I couldn't pick up any sound from the camera, just the light flares of lightning.

Helen 13:04

Hello, all.

Neil 12:07

Good Noon All, as the Lerwick Town Hall clock strikes 12, on the Shetland webcam site, ..with the Puffins almost gone, if not already, but new cams being introduced... Enjoy your day, It's a good thing I have several monitors so i can still enjoy Lambwatch as well...

Ric 10:38

Good morning!

Milly 08:52

Oh well,Morning all !

Milly 08:51

One lady said, it was like ,five wheely bins dropped on her roof !

Milly 08:48

Well i can't believe ,I slept through the storm !! Never heard a thing !

Cindy 08:45


Debbie 08:45

Good morning

"B" 05:02

Helen, hope the storm has passed & you are able to sleep. I am one of the people who likes/am in awe of storms althought they leave me unsettled - there's so much energy..

Helen 02:16

Still lightning in the northwest.

Helen 00:04

I can hear the rain now.

Helen 00:00

Sure enough, the storm is north and west of Earby. [link]

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