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Shoutouts Archive (10th August 2020)

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10th August 2020

Helen 23:59

"B", I might have but it is a long time since I have been to Stratford. He was too young to die, for sure.

Helen 23:57

It's a long time since I have seen a thunder and lightning storm over the farm, but there's one right now.

"B" 20:41

I worked with him (Carver)when he was just out of school..

"B" 20:39

Hello Helen, did you ever get to see Brent Carve, actor who passed away recentlyÉ

Helen 20:34

Hi, "B", I'm sure there is and probably not very artsy stuff at all, just plain hard work. Hope you had a chance to use some creativity as well. Meanwhile, four sheep just ambled onstage, left, and exited at bottom right.

"B" 20:33

I was the first female to work in the field when I started, both in UK & Canada.

"B" 20:32

Have always worked tech, had a misplaced idea that lighting equalled art; unfortunatly there is a lot of very hard physical work first...

Milly 19:12


Ric 19:06

I am the tech guy (sound/light) for our local theater, so the stage doesn't look right unless I am looking through the chicken wire window around my booth!

Helen 17:45

Thanks, "B" - having taught English literature and taken students to our Stratford theatre, I really see this camera lens as a stage. The metaphor works well whether there is action on stage, or just a passing stage hand or minor character walking on and off. They even make remarks as they go, sometimes.

"B" 17:15

i meant to address Helen in the last post. As I worked in the theatre for many years I thought the referance to what would be called a 'cross' very apt..

"B" 17:09

i like your r theatrical analogy

Helen 15:30

Black sheep passing through. If all the world's a stage, there are a lot of characters in this pasture who just pass from the wings to centre stage, and keep on going to the other side.

Helen 13:01

Hello, all. I see sunshine but no sheep. Hope you are enjoying your day.

Neil 11:40

Good Morning Everyone, it looks today, thankfully, Enjoy Your Day...

Ric 10:26

Good morning everyone.

Cindy 08:51


Debbie 08:44

Good morning

Milly 07:25

Morning all

Milly 07:25

Hope all is well .

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