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Shoutouts Archive (9th August 2020)

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9th August 2020

Helen 22:47

Good thinking, Neil. We used to keep an eye on Howard's Texel-Xs, in days gone by, if they were showing any signs of discomfort. Extra sets of eyes help save animals.

Neil 19:09

Hi Dan,you may already be aware, but I have just sent you a mssg & picture on Facebook, about a sheep looking very limp on r/w that I have just noticed, - the sheep to the right, in front of the 2, @ approx 113902 onwards...I hope it's not too serious, Good Luck, Neil

Helen 18:15

It's fun to watch them gallop past the camera (to points unknown), as if they've been called home for dinner.

Helen 16:20

Hi, Milly - missed your comment earlier. Hiding under the table? Thunder storm? My French-Canadian Grandmother used to do that, clutching her prayer beads. We children used to wonder, as we loved storms.

Helen 15:33

Oh, good, sheep. I'm happy now.

Neil 13:24

Hello All, Many thanks Dan, running late with lots to do so probably won't be able to enjoy here much at the mo, but good to see the green grass in view again.

Milly 12:26

Hi Helen

Milly 12:25

Its hiding under the table time 😨😱

Helen 12:24

Hurray! We're back. Thanks, Dan. Always good to see that field, although, at the moment, the sheep have wandered off somewhere.

Milly 12:24

Lots of storms forecast this week !!

Milly 12:22

Thanks for the pic Dan 😊

Milly 12:21

Afternoon all

Ric 10:48

Morning, The stream is resumed.

Cindy 08:45


Helen 02:41

I think they are all away for the weekend - maybe a bit of holiday, or the sheep have run off on their own.

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