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Shoutouts Archive (1st August 2020)

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1st August 2020

Helen 22:37

It's a very long time since I was there, sometime in the '70s, so I can well imagine it has changed.

Ric 22:04

We had a winter home in St. Aug from 2007-2018. We sold it and moved to Palatka. We really liked it there, but too many cars and people in St. Aug now.

Helen 20:52

It's nice to call up all those memories, isn't it? I was invited to join someone on a week's vacation in West Palm beach one year, and we explored St. Augustine, which I loved - famous old city. That's the extent of my Florida experience.

"B" 20:12

I don't belive we stopped there; I remember Jacksonville, Orlando, St Petersberg & then we went roud the Gulf coast. I was a long time ago!

Ric 20:04

Yes, I am in Florida now. I live in Palatka.

"B" 19:56

Hi Ric, I was in Florida when I was touring with a theatre company, which part are you in?

"B" 19:43

Winnipeg - cordinates 49.8951° N, 97.1384° W.

"B" 19:40

I have travelled in the southen hemisphere - at the equator the sun rises/sets in 15 minuites...

"B" 19:36

A bit late joining this discussion; as I noted earlier I live in Winnipeg(somtimes called Winterpeg) which is farther north again but was born & grew-up in Northen England; which is even father north...

Helen 18:36

Are you in Florida now, Ric? If so, stay safe in this incoming storm Isaias! Yes, you would know about long sunrises and sunsets in Maine, which is farther north than I am.

Ric 18:13

Hi all. Helen for some reason I thought you were in the U.K. Yes, you and Lambwatch are far north of me. I lived on the Canadian border in Maine until this month in 2015. I lived in the Easternmost town in the U.S. we had very early sunrise in the Spring and very early sunset in the winter.

Helen 17:56

It fascinates me, to be honest. It's one of the reasons I watch the Lambwatch cam at night.

Neil 17:48

Thanks Helen, it all sounds very interesting how our daylight hours differ so much!

Helen 17:08

From Toronto, that is - almost due south on a map, and people do drive right through sometimes if you have several drivers.

Helen 17:07

Neil, this all started because Ric wondered where I live. I'm about 20 degrees latitude north of him, and a bit west. So I guess, if we get a shorter twilight than you do, he must get a really short one. I spent some time once in southern Texas, and evenings and mornings were short. First it was pitch black and then the sun was up. Even more so on the equator, I hear. It would be a 22-hour drive and 1500 miles to the south of Florida, almost due south.

Neil 16:44

I noticed Shetland was mentioned earlier, It is famous for claiming to be 60 degrees North. hence it being nearly daylight around the Longest Day, 21st June, a period known there to be the Simmer Dim, but alas, now we are progressing towards the Autumn & Winter, the Shetlanders are gradually preparing for only about 3 hours of daylight at best for months around around the Winter Solstice. or shortest Day. SOrry, I'm sure many of you know this but 1 of my subjects of interest. I wont start on another of my subject's of interest beginning with C a few days after the Winter Solstice!!! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Helen 15:44

Oh, "B", you've been checking Google Earth, too. Yes, the UK is very much farther north than we are here.

Helen 15:42

Woohoo - we're back! Thanks Dan. I've had time to do the grocery shopping in between visits.

Neil 15:06

Hello Folk ...My p.c. had a hiccough this morning so has only just let me into Lambwatch, so I will belatedly wish Everyone a Happy Yorkshire Day

Milly 13:18

Well thank you for that 😊

Milly 13:16

Oh i see

Milly 13:16

I don't think so ,you are very wise to it

Dan 13:15

once i was able to get into the server, i deleted some files, and then basically turned it off and on again

Dan 13:15

haha yes. that's about as much as i know too!

Milly 13:15

I'm no wiser Dan I'm not technically minded. I only know it was broken lol

Milly 13:12

Sounds like a lamb ?

Milly 13:12

Ok eck,😊

Dan 13:11

I think it was a disk space problem creating a corrupt disk situation.

Milly 13:10

What happened?

Dan 13:09

That was a close one. I thought it was a big kaputt.

Milly 13:08

Hurray 😀

"B" 02:58

Search Results Earby/Coordinates 53.9163° N, 2.1442° W

"B" 02:54

In the summer it doesn't go dark, the whole of the UK is north of Winnipeg - cordinates 49.8951° N, 97.1384° W. further north, Shetland it stays lght.

Helen 01:31

Ric, Earby is north of the 53rd parallel, I'm just north of the 43rd parallel, and you are (if in Florida) somewhere around the 26th. A big difference in twilight times. In June, Yorkshire has a short night!

Helen 01:26

Ric - your time zone. But we are still a long way south of where the farm is. I'll figure out the latitude and let you know. They get a long dawn and twilight.

Helen 01:20

Happy Yorkshire Day to all, especially those lucky enough to live there. Have a great day.

Helen 01:18

Ric, I'm in Toronto! Straight north of you and a little west. Driveable distance, or so my friends tell me.

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