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Shoutouts Archive (26th July 2020)

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26th July 2020

Helen 22:52

I'm ust looking back at one of the rare breeds (i'm not good at telling you which one!) and noticing that they have a somewhat longer neck than the domesticated sheep I'm used to. Probably an evolutionary thing, from having to graze among rocky places.

Ric 21:13

Dan, you may already know this, but the quality after the resumption of the stream is far below what is was before.

Helen 12:31

Hello, all. Hot, hazy and humid is our forecast for a couple of days.

Neil 11:55

Good MoringEveryone, I hope the Sheep Fair went well, Many thanks for restoring our "Sheepish" vision...Have a Good Day All...

Ric 10:22

Good morning.

Cindy 08:40


Milly 07:55

Cooler this morning.

Milly 07:54

Thank you Dan, morning all

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