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Shoutouts Archive (24th July 2020)

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24th July 2020

Helen 21:00

The sheep have all gone to the fair and pulled the plug on the live feed before they went.

Helen 12:30

Hello, all. I'm late again.

Neil 12:16

Very colourful sky around & post Sunrise, approx. 0500 onwards......

Neil 11:52

Good Morning All, Perhaps the stream has stopped for a mid morning coffee, Ric! Have a Good day All...

Ric 10:37

he stream is hung at 10:154

Ric 10:10

Good morning.

Cindy 08:46


Milly 08:12

Morning all

"B" 02:57

Helen, I second that thought - we have aheat warning with hight humidity. It seems to be either too hot or too cold here!

Helen 00:10

Dry and sunny this evening in Toronto. Hot weekend coming up. I think I'd prefer Yorkshire (in fact, I know I would.)

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