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Shoutouts Archive (19th July 2020)

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19th July 2020

Helen 22:35

I heard you but couldn't see any action. Now I know you are haying - all the best with the weather. You'll be out at sun-up.

Ric 21:06

Good luck on the dry weather! Seems to have been raining regularly there..

Neil 20:52

Good Luck Dan, i ssaw on the Shetland webcams last night a farmer "making hay..or probably silage, whilst the Sun was shining!"

Dan 20:46

It’s finally haytime at LambWatch HQ. Hoping for good dry weather for next few days

Ric 20:04

Yep, I see them.

Helen 20:03

The way the shadows are falling now you can see the sheep trails in the grass where the sheep have been crossing the field from one corner to another.

Helen 17:01

Are we mowing the grass? Sounds like a lawnmower. Or a power saw?

Neil 12:50

Hello Everyone, Lambs & Sheep, I hope you're enjoying Sunday...

Helen 11:27

Good morning! What a lovely day. It's very hot here - a good day for a fan and a good book and lots of cold water.

Ric 10:16

Morning! Pretty day.

Cindy 08:42


Milly 07:54

Morning all

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