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Shoutouts Archive (11th July 2020)

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11th July 2020

Helen 21:31

Nice little bit of colour in that sky.

Neil 21:28

Lovely remnants of setting Sun @ approx. 2126, Goodnight All, hope you can survive your weather, whatever...

Helen 19:34

Thank you. It's supposed to be raining this very minute. Is it? Guess!!

Neil 17:03

Hopefully you will stay safe whatever the weather...thinking of You...

Helen 14:34

Who knows, Neil! there's a storm making its way up the east coast of the USA right now, and that will set up new weather patterns.

Neil 12:46

Good Luck Helen, but I fear the winds may be bringing it our way in time!!!

Helen 12:32

Our heat spell is supposed to break today after some stormy weather..

Neil 12:12

Good Afternoon All, Many thanks Dan, Have a Good Day Everyone....

Helen 10:58

OH, good - the picture is back! Thanks, Dan. Good morning, all.

Susan 10:39

Morning All

Ric 10:35


Cindy 08:46


Milly 08:12

Pics back !,,thank you Dan 😊

Milly 08:10

Its a beautiful day ,here.

Milly 08:08

No pic yet 🙄

Milly 08:07

Morning all

Helen 01:11

I wonder if we will have a weekend of this. COuld be.

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